FBT Europe Ltd is a joint venture operation between FBT Sporting Goods, Thailand (49%) and Sports Pathways Ltd (51%).

Sport Pathways Ltd (SPL) was formed in late February 2011 by Sir Rodney Walker to exploit the potential of his sport related business interests, with the remit to promote global, world-class sporting and merchandising activities.

SPL was formed with a long-term vision to build a portfolio of investments, acquisitions and joint ventures with sport related companies.

With his notable achievements, relationships and extensive knowledge in Sport, Business and Administration, Sir Rodney is looking to create extended business opportunities for the companies in, and trading with Sport Pathways portfolio of commercial interests.

In building this portfolio, a team of strongly established ‘sport connected’ people has been assembled and forms the ‘Bedrock’ of our approach to market and sporting business opportunities.

In 2013, SPL met with FBT Sporting Goods, Thailand. Full name: ‘Football Thai Factory Sporting Goods Co Ltd’ (FBTSG)

Based in Thailand, ‘FBTSG’ was established in 1952 and is a large multi-sport clothing and equipment manufacturer and retail group, with a 10-Acre factory complex and a turnover of over $50Million per annum.

‘FBTSG’ built and own a substantial 11-story retail store in the Centre of Bangkok, which retails ALL kinds of sports wear and equipment, has a dedicated Adidas floor and is the licence holder for Adidas in Thailand. The store boasts the largest club member gym in Bangkok and is home to the financial and accounting departments for the entire company.

‘FBSTG’ is considered the largest manufacturer of sports goods in their region (the only country, where a manufacturer and supplier is bigger than Nike themselves) and currently trades with distributors in 40 different neighboring countries.

Until 2013, ‘FBTSG’ were not present in the UK and into Europe, which is why today in 2014 the joint venture agreement with ‘SPL’ has been founded.

With access to over $30Million stock at any one time, FBT Europe Ltd is well placed to provide quality sporting goods at affordable prices to both our network of sporting agents, to professional and semi professional football or sporting clubs throughout the UK & to the rest of Europe.

FBT Europe Ltd. Established 2013

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